Abramo Impianti

Comfortable workplaces for the senses: the furnishings and solutions designed by Quadrifoglio Group were chosen for the new headquarters of Abramo Impianti in the name of acoustic well-being, ergonomics and aesthetics.

Udine - Italy

Abramo Impianti, a Friuli-based company specializing in residential and industrial plant engineering, is a consolidated and constantly expanding company that photovoltaics and plumbing, has decided to move its headquarters to a new headquarters.

The space covers a total area of 1,700 square meters on two levels and has undergone major functional and plant redevelopment interventions. The management of the works, the definition of the internal layout and the interior design were entrusted to the Architect Federico Rinoldi. Quadrifoglio Group was called upon to interpret the concept and take care of the executive phases of the fit out of the offices.

Following Abramo Impianti’s workflows, the ground floor was dedicated to technical staff and warehouses, while the upper floor was reserved for reception, managerial and administrative activities. Both levels are united by precise design choices that favor formal cleanliness with calculated color accents and solutions that follow the principles of ergonomics, functionality and sound insulation.

The division of the rooms has been largely assigned to the M1 glass partition walls that guarantee a pleasant visual continuity between areas intended for different functions and the volumes of the building. A winning and practical choice, it has the ability to ensure privacy and sharing, brightness and soundproofing.

To decisively improve the acoustic well-being in all the company’s shared spaces, the Lightsound systems installed on the walls and ceilings. Designed for auditory and visual well-being, they combine soundproofing and lighting in a single product to absorb reverberation in closed environments. Modular and configurable, the triangular panels (Cloak) or with the original petal shape (Petal), have been upholstered on request with sunny yellow, beige and orange fabrics, giving life to compositions with a high decorative value and further enriching the rooms with personality. Aesthetics, functionality and comfort come together to make workplaces more comfortable and enjoyable to live in.

The operational offices are spacious and airy and are characterized by the minimal lines of the Idea+ 01 desks in bench and the strong character of the Omnia chairs, both furnishings that meet individual postural needs thanks to the different adjustment mechanisms. The two meeting rooms are welcoming and cosy thanks to the meeting tables accompanied by the agile silhouette of the Clue chairs and the elegant one of the City armchairs, both made even more enveloping by the dove grey velvet upholstery.

On the first floor, customers are welcomed in a distinctive and professional way by the Z1 reception desk, whose geometric and rigorous volumes are enhanced by LED strips. Opposite, the sinuous City Lounge armchairs and the Montreal coffee table with Invisible White porcelain stoneware top create a refined and sober waiting area. The two executive offices convey a feeling of order, efficiency and professionalism thanks to the elegant style of the X5 desk and the Diade chair. To make visitors sit in style, the City seats are characterized by thin profiles and soft padding. The room is completed by a relaxation corner with the majestic and enveloping Cleopas armchair in contrasting green fabric and the Montreal coffee table with Nero Greco porcelain stoneware top.

Marta Abramo, Brand Manager of Abramo Impianti says “when you rely on third parties for the furnishing of your offices, there may be a reasonable fear that the real business needs will not be fully understood. There was no such risk with Quadrifoglio Group, which immediately proved to be not only a reliable supplier but a real ally in the creation of a modern and absolutely functional workspace. His attention to our needs went beyond expectations: the advice provided, thanks also to the collaboration with Arch. Rinoldi, was clear, targeted and every piece of furniture responded to our requests. Up-to-date and never banal, different and never brazen solutions with rare quality and attention to detail. The service was professional, punctual, precise and the support was constant.
Now, we enter our new working environments satisfied with the atmosphere and the energy they emanate, and this confirms that the collaboration has been successful.”

For Abramo Impianti, in fact, Quadrifoglio Group has provided an impeccable consultancy and supply service, always supporting a transparent dialogue and the sharing of ideas with the architect Rinoldi and with the client company. Relying on a complete catalogue and wide customisation options for custom creations, the Group has transferred its experience and expertise to the project to tailor the offices and respond in an integrated way to the needs of ergonomics, acoustics and aesthetics. Appreciated for its professionalism, flexibility in accommodating variations in colour, materials and sizes and its aptitude for problem solving on site, Quadrifoglio Group has confirmed itself as a reliable partner with a deep culture of product and contract world.

Finally, the Roberto Bianchi Agency, which has collaborated as a business partner of Quadrifoglio Group, concludes: “the realization for Abramo Impianti demonstrates how the strength of a project lies in teamwork, dialogue and the sharing of ideas and information. The synergy that was created between us, the architect Rinoldi and the client allowed us to work on common objectives and to study the solutions that best met the specific work needs that the company presented to us at the beginning of the project. The high quality of the Group’s products, the flexibility in providing tailor-made solutions, the punctual implementation and the efficiency in delivering on time, have made it possible to create functional, welcoming spaces of great value and character”.


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