Quadrifoglio Group continues the commitment to sustainability also during the pandemic and offers the Report relative to 2020

In line with the objectives of the Agenda 2030 of the United Nations, the Quadrifoglio Group achieves significant results for the sustainability of raw materials, the digitization of the company processes and the training of the staff, as well as designing a new concept for the Office, which is compliant to the healthcare directives.

Quadrifoglio Group, international company specialised since 1991 in Office Living and Contract solutions, presents the second Report on Sustainability, which summarises the results obtained during 2020 and clarifies the objectives of the Group for the coming years.

Quadrifoglio Group was able to adapt to the sudden changes and the unexpected difficulties caused by the spread of Covid-19, with the desire to pursue the goals in terms of economic, social and environmental sustainability which had been set the preceding year.

In 2020 Quadrifoglio Group, in fact, created new initiatives, giving itself challenging objectives relative to sustainability and more.

Among the innovations to be pointed out:

  • The achievement of the 100% CARB (California Air Resources Board) result; the Quadrifoglio Group guarantees that all the panels used in its furnishings are CARB-compliance, fulfilling the goal of reducing formaldehyde emissions.
  • The development of the digitization processes; among the initiatives pertaining to this area we include the Virtual Showroom, developed to offer an overview of the Quadrifoglio Group catalogue also remotely, the operational adoption of the CRM and the implementation of a new software, DST (Decision Support Tool), which made it possible to monitor and share data and indicators on sustainability, useful for making more strategic decisions.
  • The support and innovation in planning; Quadrifoglio Group, in collaboration with its own department of architects and marketing, drafted “Design of the Post-Covid Office”, a guide centred on comfort and safety, created for companies that found it necessary to remodel their spaces to guarantee social distancing.
  • Continuous growth and training; in 2020 the employees of the Group benefited from over 1000 hours of lessons, dedicated in particular to the subjects of health and safety in the workplace, learning foreign languages, evidence of the international approach of the Group and, lastly, coaching for the development of transversal skills.


The “Project Schools” deserves a separate mention due to its social value and the unprecedented challenge placed on the Group. The order to be filled involved desks and chairs for schools of Lazio, Campania, Puglia and Sardinia. Thanks to the creation of an ad hoc platform, on which to exchange information with greater speed between the internal departments, in 5 months the Quadrifoglio Group supplied the schools with 600,000 desks and 400,000 chairs.

We will certainly emerge from this situation of worldwide uncertainty, but we will be profoundly different, the future will be characterised by the continuous change to which we must know how to adapt and which, when possible, we must be able to anticipate – states Alessandro Cia, CEO of Quadrifoglio Group – All this remembering that we have the moral duty to promote global well-being by looking to the future in the process of constructing tomorrow. 

Thanks to the work of the Sustainability Team, established in 2019 and composed of representatives of the company macro-areas, activities are concentrated on certain subjects of greater importance which are identified every year.

So what are the objectives that the Quadrifoglio Group is setting for itself for a more sustainable tomorrow?

The Report 2020 indicates some of them, including the integration of the principles of eco-design in the planning and selection of suppliers for a sustainable Supply Chain, as well as partners that subscribe to the principles of Green Logistics.

Furthermore, the Group is working to achieve a production with completely zero emissions by 2030.

The Sustainability Report of the Quadrifoglio Group relative to 2020 was prepared based on the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards indicators, published in 2016 by the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) and is available in 5 languages.


To examine in greater detail the Group’s approach to the subjects connected to Sustainability, the complete Report can be read at the following address:

Sustainability Report 2020


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