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Domestic dunes

David Dolcini noticed Karboxx more than 10 years ago while attending a trade show. He was fascinated by Boxx, a lamp that was presented by the Italian company, because it was unconventional and far from the stereotypes with its aluminum and plastic body.
Over the years, the search for humanity in his projects has brought David to know the face of Karboxx, to share the vision and sensitivity to design. This was the beginning of the creation of Mirage, an object capable of emitting a strong dynamism, a non calculable or unsystematic movement. The lamp has a soft profile that is enhanced by both the external and internal aluminum shade finishes. They are sand dunes that change, just as the perception of the lamp and the light itself changes depending on where you are moving in the space and on the depth that is allowed.

In fact, Mirage is alive with many elements; alone it would slow its decorative momentum and would turn off the significance of its creation. It is an object with simple lines, feminine and sinuous curves, and delicate and brilliant colors which create an intimate atmosphere, a personal space.
It was an exhibition in the balance between art and design at the Milan Triennial in the late ‘90s that brought him closer to the world which is now his profession. His curiosity has led him on a continuous journey in building bridges with other cultures. He carries with him the scents of China, Brazil and Africa.
Then he stopped in Valencia where he found the quietness in which to slow down the pace. He has rediscovered the feeling of home in a historic district, in a building with large rooms and natural light that enters from the windows.

David is an instinctive and sure designer who seeks constant stimulation because that is where his projects are born. The spark triggers a process of meetings, instructions and exchanging of ideas that build and provide the result. Listening and empathy lead to a physical gesture that becomes a synthesis and finally a lamp. He walks and moves his hands in the air making measurements, with his strong inwardness to metabolize the projects and then to achieve them. His passion for craftsmanship can be seen by the rough hands of his great-grandfather, of his grandfather, and of his father who have handed down this tactile ability, which is dirtied by the glue used to shape his prototypes.