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25 ans d’histoire
Il n’y a rien de mieux qu’un rêve pour construire le futur.

Victor Hugo

In 1991 we started this journey, facing each day and every project as a challenge. Thanks to our tenacity and the dedication of our staff, we are able to acquire and develop new brands like Offisit and Karboxx, and to design new products such as partition walls. We wanted to become a partner in the designing of work spaces, and to help our clients to realize their projects by improving people’s work efficiency and well-being. It is a mix of hard work, ambition, cooperation and research. We have done our best to be closer to our clients and to meet their needs. We are celebrating an important accomplishment, our first 25 years. Thank you for having chosen us and for believing in us, we will repay your trust by looking for perfection every day.