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Quadrifoglio Group
Quadrifoglio Group produces and designs complete furniture solutions to bring the wellbeing and the Italian design elegance in working and contract environments.
From executive and operative desks to seating, from receptions to meeting rooms, from wall partitions to acoustic solutions up to the lighting: a full range of products to create exceptional comfort and aesthetic spaces.
We are innovation, design, completeness, trustworthiness, and respect for the environment.

More than 30 years ago we believed in the future

Our heart has been beating since 1991 and we have grown year by year up to becoming a company of reference in the professional furniture field. From office furniture manufacturing to a global and complete partner: today we are recognized as a strong Group able to design innovative business and hospitality all-round spaces, always ensuring a Made in Italy supply chain.


The evolution of professional environments

The business and working development as well as the fast technological change have modified methods, habits and needs of the professional world, giving life to new solutions.
Quadrifoglio Group is close to its clients and partners, supporting and listening to them to create suitable solutions to their needs.
We put all our thirty-year experience and know-how at the client’s disposal to develop and design working and hospitality spaces.

Workplace wellbeing

Working tools and posture can improve our performance while safeguarding our health and mood. Quadrifoglio Group works closely with Designers and Planners who care about workplace wellbeing, finding innovative solutions that combine aesthetics and design, maintain environmental corporate sustainability, and give comprehensive assistance to the quality of our products.

Sustainability and respect for the environment

We care a lot about the environment we live in; thus, Quadrifoglio Group has decided to carry out a responsible policy to preserve the nature and promote the sustainable development. Our commitment is certified in terms of product and environment safety (ISO) and responsible use of the resources FSC®.
Aware of the need for a better world, the new headquarters opened in the 2019 have been designed with close attention to the environmental safeguard and the sustainability principles. We truly want to contribute to the work quality increase and, therefore, to the grade of life improvement.