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The anthropization of office space


The world of architecture is in turmoil, seeking for applications beyond innovation. It is no longer enough to simply propose solutions to improve the liveability of the created environment: the attempt is now to overcome the current limits of our minds, to develop new office concepts, provide answers viscerally linked to the people who live in it, so as to consider space a moving and living entity. In an attempt to reflect on this declaration, three Italian realities - Lucifero's, Makia and Quadrifoglio Group – joined forces in Florence on the 13th December at the headquarters of Lumen srl, for an event dedicated to this theme: here, they proposed their vision of what they called the anthropisation of office space. Space develops into man and becomes man.


l'antropizzazione dello spazio ufficio - quadrifoglio group


Filippo Squillace, Commercial Manger for Italy of Lucifero’s
A Cefla group company, Lucifero's develops biotechnological solutions that link lighting to plant cultivation. As it grows, each plant is followed and sustained by C-LED lamps to guarantee the specific spectrum required, by carefully customising light. The indoor nursery allows the establishment of a symbiotic symphony with the user, a bond provided by living elements that coexist in the same office in a reciprocal exchange. Ensuring the growth of living plants in enclosed spaces allows the creation of dynamic and complex environments such as kitchen gardens. Not just a beautiful decoration, they establish a visceral bond with people who not only benefit from the healthy consumption of the vegetables, but also from the psychological interaction between them and the plants surrounding them.

Simone Cia, Commercial Manager for Italy and Caterina Boschetti, Marketing Director Quadrifoglio
Manufactured on a human scale, designed for individuals and their needs during working hours. Height-adjustable desks to contrast sedentary lifestyles, ergonomic seats to force the back into the correct position and acoustic panels integrated in lights for total comfort. Quadrifoglio Group develops integrated solutions for office furniture, especially with its Up&Up collection of desks and height-adjustable benches. This new product can be adjusted to 2 or 3 different heights, up to a maximum of 1268 cm, and encourages the operator to control the sedentary behaviours that are typically adopted during working hours: for example, light impulses shown on the display are a reminder of the ongoing activity. In co-working environments, you can also book your desk via your smartphone's Bluetooth connection. The aim is to provide a complete solution, where all the pieces of furniture are dedicated to the well-being of the end user who is considered a business resource and analysed from a psychological and sociological point of view. Quadrifoglio Group products allow the worker to re-educate and correct his posture, avoid eye strain and communicate with colleagues with an adequate sound. In other words, to be concentrated in an optimal environment. Today, design requires the reinterpretation of space, where imposes open environments with democratic areas, providing a balance between rest and work. For this reason, furniture is contaminated by the domestic environment, with poufs and armchairs, billiards and reading rooms.

Philip Adiutori, Principal and Design Director Makia
Flows of people and environments that speak and respond to the reality around them. Makia specializes in creating ecosystems within buildings, exploring new ideas by resorting to different elements of the indoor landscape: from lighting, to furniture, to plants. Nowadays, there is increasing awareness towards the theme of greenery and office wellness. Makia has interpreted it as the need to grow and increase the liveability of shared spaces, finding new ways to allow people to breathe at the same pace as nature. Botany and mankind, both are living systems with their own needs, with their own personalised dynamic frequencies. Plants creep from the countryside into the closed environment of the office, proving that to be at its best, scientific evolution needs to return to the perfection of nature.


l'antropizzazione dello spazio ufficio - quadrifoglio group


The increasingly radical and rapid social changes in this fluid society demand an acceleration of the answers provided to achieve better life quality: a creative pathway aimed at generating an office that breathes with us. It pays attention to the wellbeing of mankind and its future, which is inextricably linked to that of the environment, and the mutual need to survive and live. Lucifero’s, Makia and Quadrifoglio have decided to address the issue of the anthropisation of the office space with solutions related to the integrity of man and the environment. They have attempted to go beyond the boundaries and the established rules of design, starting from well-being as a common denominator and asking themselves what individual and collective needs are. New concepts where the office will breathe together with man. Botany and anthropological studies, "zero meter" healthy products that are rooted in the metropolis, adding to the latter the slowness typical of the georgic times.