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Sustainability & Certifications

Quadrifoglio Group, established in 1991, designs and manufactures innovative product ranges for the office environment. All solutions aim to create sustainable habits in our working life.


The main objective of Quadrifoglio Group is the continuous research on the best service and the best product, not only for customers, but also for the whole production cycle, in full compliance with all main quality standards.

Quadrifoglio Sistemi d'Arredo is certified ISO 9001:2015 for the quality of work processes and services. Our products are tested by CATAS, that guarantees their quality according to the regulation. Company is also certified by Office Excellence, that guarantees the quality of its products.


Respect for the environment is a priority and a necessity for each and all of us.
The company complies to International Standards for the sourcing of raw materials and it ensures all suppliers adheres to H&S regulations.
Quadrifoglio certifications extend to the manufacturing processes; recycled and recyclable materials are used in an effort to minimise the impact on the environment.
The entirety of the energy demand for the HQ is provided by the 4060 solar panels located on the factory's roof.

Quadrifoglio Sistemi d'Arredo is certified:

  • ISO 14001:2015 for environmental management system
  • FSCTM in order to guarantee the traceability of materials which come from certified forests (get more info about our FSCTM certified products)
  • Ecological Panel made of 100% recycled wood that respects the formaldehyde emission levels

Corporate uses:

  • CAM (minimum environmental criteria) to reduce the environmental impact and support eco-friendly ways of production
  • CARB, a US regolation to limit the formaldehyde emission of composite wood products
  • Products life cycle management, recycling items with a low environmental impact in collaboration with Valdelia in France

Quadrifoglio' Headquarters uses:

  • Photovoltaic system
  • Waste management
  • Thermoregulation system
  • Stainless steel bottles instead of plastic ones
recycled wood
in our panels
solar panels
LED lighting


The Corporate’s purpose is not only to produce quality products and to respect the environment, but also to guarantee the safety of all collaborators, who spend their time for these goals every single day.

Social commitment

Quadrifoglio Group is heavily involved in the support of local charitable activities; sporting events, start up business initiatives and cultural events


Sport values teach us to build, to respect, to collaborate, to sacrifice and to enjoy. The Corporate strongly believe in all of this! For this reason, Quadrifoglio Group sponsors:
A.S.D. Liapiave
Friuli Cycling Team
F.C. Basalghelle
I Falchi (Prata)
A.S.D. pallacanestro Ormelle
in order to contribute to the growth of those values that the society increasingly needs.


The Corporate contributes with real means such as furniture supplies or contributions to local associations and non-profit organizations.
One of them is Casa Vittoria, which have opened an agricultural cooperative with a restaurant runs by people with Down's Syndrome.
Quadrifoglio Group only contributed with furniture and they put in their talent! An extraordinary success!


Quadrifoglio Group collaborates with Comeeta, an association that helps various startups - working in the applied researches field - to become selfstanding companies.
In this way, the Corporate supports technological entrepreneurship on the road from promising idea to leading firm. Furthermore Comeeta chooses an annual project related to the social engagement through crowd funding.

Cultural Events

Culture is critical for the betterment of a society. Quadrifoglio Group believes strongly in supporting the local community since it is directly involved in the company's growth.


The Corporate believes in its employees and human resources. For this reason it provides professional courses and training, a wellness and health-care system for its collaborators and their families.

Quadrifoglio Group has in place guidelines for personal development, for the staff health and happyness at work:

  • Training courses
  • Health awareness
  • Newly graduates work placements
  • Subsidised staff canteen and special deals with local restaurants
  • Break out areas in the office space