Textural equilibrium and roundness

A cold, but sunny winter morning breaks in Conegliano. We enter the city, and near an imposing eighteenth-century equestrian sculpture, we find Fiorenzo Dorigo’s architectural office. Beyond the doorway, Design Stories discovers an office rich with the scent of unknown roads and an international atmosphere, inspired by Northern Europe.

We talk, we laugh, and we compare the emotion and the culture of design. This is how the interview begins about the X10 desk, designed in collaboration with Officity. A collection that requires alchemy to lead the object through time and space. It is impressive, but maintains a strong sensuality in its lines. It is an appealing desk that brings to mind a female hand caressing the wood and its curves. It is a sculptured product, with rediscovered vibrations that accompany the person who will work there.

Fiorenzo imposes the style of an executive office where the desk becomes the fulcrum, like a permanent exhibition in the classical world, on a journey to the furniture’s’ origins. The design of the X10 conveys the designer’s signature with the characteristic side panel that stands as the focal point of the collection, with volume, angles and curves. It looked for skilled hands, artisans with calluses and rough hands, to smooth and create roundness. Every detail then becomes exclusive, with noble materials that are embellished with leather trim and different types of wood. The products come from the heart, they are challenges on emotionality, they are creations. The object speaks to the soul of the person, and in the absence of such a dialogue it becomes a trivial thing, destined to have a short life, to be an outdated trend, to be forgotten. This is why Fiorenzo has created X10, giving value and affection to the object itself, gaining a passion that is supported by his collaborators and transmitted inside the company. This relationship is perceived in both the research of the finishes and in the design of complementary satellite objects, fundamental in the space made in its totality, like the Directa session where we touch upon the similarities of the continuous lines and materials.



This result of a harmony between Dorigo Design and the company has been awarded with a PDA – Product Design Award, at the Index fair in Dubai. The great aesthetic impact of the collection was recognized, celebrating the maturity of the Officity line design and the elegant and material concept of X10. They saw what it wanted to convey. They looked at the desk like it was something more, how it deserved to be looked at.

In every project, Fiorenzo brings evidence of a mentor, a German architect who not only gave him the preparation to understand the thought and culture of an another country, but also the urge to travel, to understand that design begins in a universal way, never limited to the local aesthetic sense.

This is the reason why Fiorenzo’s creations transcend the ordinary. They are born with the intent to be understood, regardless of their ethnicity, language or culture. They are born to be observed by curious eyes, tainted by travel and faraway discoveries.

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