Quadrifoglio Group presents the third Sustainability Report

The present and future of the Group in the goals and objectives in the new Report for the year 2021


Quadrifoglio Group has published the 3rd edition of the Sustainability Report. It’s the non-financial document, drawn up on a voluntary basis, which transparently describes to stakeholders the results obtained in 2021 on an economic, social and environmental level, and which also presents the objectives for the near future.

This decision is the result of the desire to provide timely information on the path taken by the Company in terms of environmental responsibility, considered in its broadest sense.

2021 was a year characterized by the persistence of the health emergency which, without leading to generalized production shutdowns, led to a phase of preparation for the rediscovered normality, with new needs for hybrid workspaces and the growing demand to focus on people and their well-being. Aware that it’s impossible to untie the economic growth from the social and environmental impact, the Group is continuing to work according to its code of ethics, to achieve new and important goals through concrete actions.

The 2021 Report includes analyses on materiality issues with the 2030 sub-targets of the defined SDGs, in order to better understand the impact generated and develop strategies that contribute to designing a better tomorrow focusing on people.

Below there’s a summary of the main aspects on which we worked:

  • in January 2021 the important adaptation to the new ISO 45001 standard was achieved:


  • since 2020 all supplies of melamine wood-based materials have been 100% CARB, certification issued by the California Air Resources Board government agency which guarantees the maintenance of high air quality standards, with reference to various volatile pollutants;


  • 45% of the products made have the FSC™ (Forest Stewardship Council) certification which ensures the use of wooden materials from responsibly managed forests;


  • 30% of the energy comes from the photovoltaic systems present in the owned factories and involves a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, equal to 278 tonnes of CO2;


  • in the supply chain, 57% of suppliers and partners are local, to ensure a traceable, socially and ecologically responsible supply;


  • the push towards digitization is continuing, with the acquisition of specific software solutions that mainly involved the management of human resources and the documentary part;


  • logistic standards have been defined, which are shared with some regular suppliers, with the result of significantly reducing the consumption of disposable industrial packaging through the reuse of plastic containers that have an unlimited duration;


  • functional IT tools have been introduced to guarantee the constant and integrated updating of logistics data and warehouse management (WMS);


  • from the point of view of professional updating, a total of 3,693 hours of training were provided, relating to health and safety and to the technical, linguistic and managerial areas;


  • the constantly evolving corporate welfare gives all employees the opportunity to join the Fondo Arcobaleno fund, an ad hoc fund for supplementary health care;


  • the commitment to sponsoring various youth sports associations is continuing, mostly locally, as sport is firmly considered a vehicle of the values of inclusion, sharing, participation and social aggregation.


Quadrifoglio Group is also working towards the achievement of new and important objectives such as the completion of the training path relating to eco-design, the evaluation of the life cycle of a product, the enhancement of sustainability indicators extended to all company departments and the Towards Net Zero aimed at further reducing the emission of climate-changing gases.

The Quadrifoglio Group Sustainability Report for 2021 was prepared on the basis of the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards indicators, published in 2016 by the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), and it’s available in 2 languages.

The Sustainability Report, in its integral version, can be consulted at the following address: https://bit.ly/40BXnrm

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