Penchant for postural wellness

A seat that is active, that is free from constrictions, which helps the body into the correct posture during the everyday sedentary life in the office. Atelier Studio Borella gives a new lease on the word ergonomic by creating the C-Stool collection for Quadrifoglio Group. It speaks to the design rules for sustaining the work in a healthy and uplifting way.
A collection of seats with a slight inclination, which becomes the cornerstone that renders a strong relationship between the chair and the person sitting in it, in an never ending exchange between physical and intellectual well-being.

The design was created by thinking about continuous lines with soft folds that make up a C and a formal consistency from the radius of the product’s curves. A solid material that has been shaped and stretched, influencing one’s resistance to postural changes, until a newer, healthier comfort zone can be reached by the user, assimilating and metabolizing a correctly balanced body weight.
The cleanliness of the C-Stool comes from the minds of Stefano and Francesco Borella, whose mental sustainability is reflected in the product that is esthetically essential and posturally efficient. In the development and creation process, the features of the back and arm rests were quickly forgotten to make way for an active body that is typical of creative minds..

A product that breaks free from sedentary imprisonment, allowing its user to achieve concentration and well-being. Atelier Studio Borella and Quadrifoglio Group have designed a revolutionary seat, from a balanced body to a focused mind. An evolutionary process that allows for spontaneous improvement, while actively sitting and embracing a sustainable design.

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