From knowledge to design

Design Stories makes itself comfortable on the City collection, a chair that was designed and produced by Edi & Paolo Ciani Design.
The two brothers, in collaboration with Quadrifoglio Group, study the sleek lines, while the clean design reflects the company philosophy as well as their own.

They describe themselves like tailors, with industrial rules, like flat-felled seams that are perfect for the tension of the fabric, such as the varying density of the parts of the chair offer optimal comfort and ergonomics. These are fundamental in every project because the final use of the chair is to sit, to listen and to concentrate. Experience has allowed Edi and Paolo to strengthen and refine the product’s parameters and proportions, such as thin widths, soft curves and backrest inclinations. The product development process passes from the various prototypes to the milling machine, then to the probe to update the 3D model in real time with the changes made in the laboratory.



The research has targeted them and us, those who know how to appreciate Italian taste and to recognize how it has made history in the world. The chair, with its many upholstery and base choices, becomes a model of coherent evolution suited for any interior designer’s furnishing needs, for waiting rooms, residential environments, meeting rooms and more.
Ciani Design proposes City as a chair that shows influences of aesthetic and functional environments. A metropolitan style with sinuous and warm lines.

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