Precious tailored imperfections

Destination Manzano, at Francesco and Stefano Borella’s atelier, to talk with them about Abbey, designed by their artistic director in collaboration with Ferrante and then committed to by Offisit. The two smiling designers welcome the Design Stories team. They have a fraternal bond, like two different brothers who appreciate and understand in an intuitive manner, like two diverse and necessary elements, water and earth. One is the creativity while the other is the implementation.

Their studio is a meticulous attention to detail, a space that combines an eclectic taste with a meditative intimacy. Frances Burnett spoke about a secret garden where two children could grow and mature, for Stefano and Francesco this would be a Zen courtyard where they can rebalance themselves, to focus and interpret.

In this place, the Abbey line was created, an object looked upon as a constant parallel between the past and modernity, a path which traces memories and defines new ways. The shapes of the sofa, armchair and ottoman are soft, natural and are embellished by the tailored imperfections that make each piece unique in its craftsmanship. The stitching refines the object’s softness which has snuck into Stefano’s design; passing from the head to the pencil, from the pencil to the paper and from there into a dynamic and precise creation path which Francesco has carefully archived each step.



Abbey is an unrestrained result that can be understood and appreciated by everyone; it invites you to come closer and have fun jumping on it or to sit in the strangest ways. It is a shape that welcomes and embraces, softening the formality that often fills the workplace. It is a piece of furniture that creates harmony in the space in which it is placed, which, with its personality and volume, it pushes for sharing and socializing.
Design Stories rediscovers, in the dialogue between the two brothers, the genuineness and spontaneity of childhood, when a colored balloon was enough to make us smile and play for hours. Why then, over the years, despite the time with friends becoming work commitments, we remain enthusiastic and are still fascinated in finding it there, in the center of the room, always colorful and ready to play with us in its embrace of happy memories.

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