Connecting the stars

Barefoot, sitting on the porch steps and looking up at the night sky, whose extreme darkness is contrasted only by the light of the stars. With your finger, you begin to point out the conjunctions between one star and another, creating new constellations that are just yours, pure and intimate.

It is this idea that gives life to the story Serena Papait tells Design Stories. Her version of the sky, earthly and two-dimensional has become an origami design from which the Starlight lamp was born.

The design has a slender discreet shape that does not create light but shadows and reflections.
The play on full and empty in the constant contrast between light and dark, gives the environment in which Starlight is placed a private atmosphere where time stops. The lamp hides the light source by incorporating it into the design itself through the lines where the LED strips are applied. The finishes were chosen in non-colors, because Starlight’s indirect light would have absorbed them and have made them disappear. The bent sheet metal and laser cutting have balanced the thickness giving this object a subtle presence. Designer Serena Papait reflects on her creation process: “It is subtracted until the extreme synthesis of the product is reached, so that which remains is just emotion”.

Starlight changes according to the position in which it is experienced, just as the stars are different when they are observed from the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. They are perspectives and points of view of an object in which the light is free to express itself by giving the room where it is placed a look to the universe.

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