A simple thought, a sheer cut

Dorigo Design continues to collaborate with Quadrifoglio Group, and they have come up with a design that doesn’t communicate with words but with simple lines and clean signs. Design Stories takes a look at Clue, a seating collection suited for any environment. Different scenarios where this product becomes the protagonist. Its wooden legs slide into a comfortable domestic environment, its steel arms enter into a minimalist styled office, its upholstery with colored fabric decorates a restaurant terrace lounge.

The Clue seating shapes the language of the proportions, without frills, putting emphasis on comfort and ergonomics. Clean lines interpret a gesture of the hand, which creates a pure and polished piece of furniture.

They wanted to create a bond between the product and the company by activating a brain synapse for a chair that emerged from the market. Each version of Clue outlines the space it is in, enhancing it. With its many variations, Clue has been created to be personalized so it can satisfy any taste. It adapts to environments with different destinations, steeped in atmosphere. Fiorenzo Dorigo designed it in black and white, and then gave it colors which slid from the plastic shell to the fabrics of the upholstered panel and then to the entire seat. The designer was first inspired by one of those old photos where you can find your roots, then designed with a contemporary look to the new generations and their needs. An image that suggests light with its cuts and its personality.

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