A good pencil, good coffee, good 3D

Design Stories discovers two products developed by the Gabriel Polloni Associati studio. A unique collection started by thinking about different operations, a design that becomes democratic like the office space where the concept of co-working is increasing. The two designers, Stefano Gabriel and Piergiorgio Polloni, explain the X5 and X9 desks designed with Quadrifoglio Group which start from the shared work space concept. The sets are marked with the pen, the lines continue to blur the boundaries because those of the work environment break and can be lost.

The operational tools have become disconnected from the fixed workstations, which is why there are fewer technical restrictions when designing and more freedom of expression and more creativity to live. The once specialized products have been expropriated from their original functions, which would now be redundant. The manufactured objects are balanced in a few seconds, they must be immediate and they must impress. The desks are material, structure and function. They are stylistic studies and reinterpretations of the legs, which are remodeled and redefined. The desk top has an important distinct thickness, while the metal sheet supports are constrained in neither a smooth nor soft form, which creates decisive angles and reflecting light.


The X9 collection is placed in directional spaces, where the leather inserts embellish the surrounding environment, the wood emphasizes the materiality of the product, and the thick edge represents a courtesy for the guest. Meanwhile, the X5 stands out in the operational spaces with a perfect synthesis between function and design thanks to the versatility of its system and schemes. The design of a product is a careful choice of the ingredients needed to achieve a perfect balance between tradition and experimentation. The result must be an expression of the harmony between sedimentation and reinterpretation. The language of the two lines is the same, rigorous and elegant. It wants to entice the exchange between experiences and operations, as it is taught in the GabrielPolloni Associati studio.

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