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Designing the space to streamline work and ensure a dynamic and efficient environment through functional solutions and by being attentive to the well-being of the person. LightSound is a system that has been created to meet the acoustic and visual comfort needs, and to create a wellness space in the professional world. Over the years, the fusion between architecture and wellness has an ever increasing presence, for this, work environments must be able to transmit professionalism and harmony.
The human factor and technology are the basic components for the creation of contemporary work spaces. This product intervenes to create the right lighting and acoustics by reducing noise and, at the same time, perfectly illuminating the area.
The office wellness becomes one of the most important elements of the design. The world of work merges with hospitality, perception and comfort.

The four LightSound modules, with their self-supporting and simple locking system, allow for infinite combinations and forms.

LightSound is able to intervene in areas with visual-acoustic needs without having to require structural changes.

The system uses the same B01 fabric folder as the other Quadrifoglio Group products, which allows for a perfect match among them.

The LightSound system’s characteristics perform optimally both for lighting and acoustics.

The minimal design allows for the system to be inserted in different areas whether it is hanging or wall mounted, or in an office or a hotel.

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