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XW - M1

System of vertical partitions comprising single glass panes and solid panels arranged continuously, thereby minimising the presence of vertical uprights. Light weight and elemental appeal characterise this product. M1 offers endless possibilities for constructing spaces intended for the variuos tasks that the modern style of working imposes; staff offices, open-plan offices, meeting rooms, executive or high-profile offices, all find a suitable solution in this collection. M1 was designed to integrate with the other wall panels in the XW system.

Single glass wall The glazed surface of M1 is a single pane of tempered (10 or 12mm) or laminated (6+6.1mm or 5+5.1mm with 0.38mm sheet of PVB inside) glass and is placed into an extruded aluminium profile made of two structural elements and a cover. A pane regulation system allows for ground/ceiling adjusting of +/- 15mm. Seals at floor, ceiling and around the edges of the pane eliminate any acoustic bridges and prevent infiltration of dust. Solid panels (18mm) with class 2 fire resistance rating are also available.

The perfect balance between sharing and privacy. The blind hinged door fitted on 3 hinges features an aluminium handle with a built-in lock. the minimum overall dimensions of the jambs follows the standards of the light-weight, elemental wall panel.

The monolithic glass partition panel with 3M opacifying film allows the projection of pictures from ceiling-mounted projectors, the use of interactive boards and the web connection to the rest of the world.

M1 offers a full range of glazed and solid modules. the combination of various finishes and materials means settings can be rationalised and spaces divided up to create functional offices

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