We design complete and customisable furnishings for work, home and hospitality spaces. Materials, shapes, colours, lights and acoustic solutions give rise to settings that exude unique comfort and aesthetic appeal.

We design our products inspired by a desire to focus on three elements in particular: the well-being of being able to live furniture to the full, people and their needs, and lastly, technical and conceptual innovation, without which all this would not be possible.

Well-being, at the centre

We create designer furniture to help people live and work in the best way possible. Our idea of “feeling good” in an interior involves all the senses and we express it in the ergonomics of products, the aesthetic appeal of finishings, the sound-proofing properties of accessories and the protection of visual well-being. At Quadrifoglio Group we share this principle with designers and project developers. Together we combine form and function, quality materials and sustainable processes. This is how we place well-being at the centre.

<strong>Well-being</strong>, at the centre
<strong>People</strong>, at the centre

People, at the centre

We are enablers of profound transformations. Technology, spaces, the vision of work and life have changed methods, habits and needs, giving rise to new ways of interpreting and inhabiting public and private spaces. At Quadrifoglio Group we attentively listen to the needs of customers and partners, by designing people-friendly places and furnishings for work, home and hospitality settings. Thirty years of experience, the ability to listen and know-how: this is how we place people at the centre of all that we do.


Innovation, at the centre

We change, evolve and transform ourselves. One thing remains unchanged: our innovative approach. From concept to design, sustainability strategies and technological experimentation, we generate innovation through partnerships with designers, patents, certifications and complete ranges of modular, customisable and Italian-produced ranges that are suitable for different settings. Our innovation-oriented approach permeates our creations, the market and attention to people, because we are all too aware that well-designed furniture enhances the quality of our life. This is how we place innovation at the centre.

<strong>Innovation</strong>, at the centre

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