P1, modular spirit

Partitioning walls

Design by Quadrifoglio Group

Partitioning walls

P1 is a range of partition walls with customizable finishes and modular compositions, perfect for offices and other public spaces.
P1 components are designed to organize glass and blind sections according to the needs, and are aimed at managing the entrance of natural light, in order to give continuity to the gaze in the space and to promote visual well-being.

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Every detail contributes to the elegance and functionality of this solution: from the minimal handles of the entrances to the sound-absorbing panels for the interiors, up to the technical modules.
One of the configurations available is wood panelling: a customisable and modular system with various finishes, including melamine, to pair in many configurations with furniture and shelves as part of a wider composition.

To meet the particular needs of public contexts, P1 can also be integrated with modules with speakerphones or with sliding doors, to preserve privacy and guarantee safety in contact with people.
Moreover P1 can be equipped with a venetian blind to screen the rooms when necessary and create a reserved space.


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