X5, metamorphosis

Operative desk

Design by Gabriel & Polloni Associati

Operative desk

Tidiness, concentration and essentiality are the three inspiring elements for the design of this refined desk collection.
The pure lines and geometric shapes exalt table functionality and aesthetics, for flexible composition and versatile customisation.

The structure is customisable with classical finishings, white and e umbra grey, while the melamine top provides eight options for experimenting with different effects, including: eucalyptus, bleached elm, cement, natural, white elm and walnut.

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X5 makes more room for documents, thanks to the coplanar container with sliding doors, and guarantees superlative clean-cut aesthetics, metal cableholder doors, which contain and hide sockets for everyday operation, built into the table’s design, under the top.

The semi-executive version of X5 features an elegant style, which exalts its practicality, with operative options in response to needs, including the addition of sound-absorbing panels for hearing well-being and concentration.
The panels can be covered in fabric, sound-absorbing or otherwise, and are an elegant furnishing accessory for the workstation: the ideal solution for all operative settings with a superior taste and design.




The two designers, Stefano Gabriel and Piergiorgio Polloni, explain the X5 and X9 desks designed with Quadrifoglio Group which start from the shared work space concept. The sets are marked with the pen, the lines continue to blur the boundaries because those of the work environment break and can be lost.


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