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Acoustic panel for office

Design by Quadrifoglio Group

Acoustic panel for office

The panels of the Screen collection are the best allies of shared workstations. Positionable between one desk and the other both in front and side position, they both visually and acoustically isolate the person sitting at the desk, favoring maximum concentration and privacy.

The Screen collection is available in technical material, thermoformed polyester and normal polyester, with fabric or lacquered covering, according to the needs. The colours are customizable: they can be monochromatic or alternate two or more shades, in order to create a dynamic effect, for example in an open space.

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Moreover, the Screen panel is also feasible in wall format, larger in size and height, to entirely divide one station from the other and articulate private spaces in a shared environment. This solution allows you to completely isolate your workstation or create your own personal office and, at the same time, to be able to communicate with others freely and easily.


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