Pendant Cloak, benessere elevato


Design by Moreno De Giorgio


Pendant Cloak is a series of modular sound-absorbing panels in different shapes, designed to increase hearing well-being in residential and hospitality environments.

Pendant Cloak has a waterfall structure, that can be installed hanging from the ceiling without invasive interventions: a light and reversible structure with a high yield in terms of sound absorption.
The panels can be customised in different shades, to match them with the style of the target environment.

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It’s more and more important to design functional spaces also from an acoustic point of view to improve life quality and protect hearing health in the long term.
Pendant Cloak is the is the guarantee of people’s hearing health, and it can be installed in the bedroom for optimal sleep, in the home office to favour concentration or in service areas to muffle the noises of household appliances.


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