Blonde, eclectic phantasy

Pendant light

Design by Massimiliano Mornati

Pendant light

The trapezoidal shape of this pendant lamp characterizes the environments decisively. In the kitchen, in the meeting room or in the open space, Blonde is the ceiling lighting system that is versatile in use and in the customization of finishes.

Its aesthetics offer maximum design freedom, without betraying its geometric nature and its post-industrial taste.

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The aluminum structure can be painted with custom colours on request, or it’s possible to choose from the available shades: white, brushed aluminum, embossed black, gold, bronze and corten.

What is its natural location? On the kitchen counter, on a dining room table or on a reception desk.


Blonde tec alluminium contenuto extra



Design Stories talks with architect Massimiliano Mornati who, together with Karboxx, designed the Blonde pendant lamp.


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