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Beyond The concept of executive office we propose a system of defined elements. Craftsmanship and design synthesized in a unique collection.

An example of perfect balance between modernity and naturalness. A project full of charm and suggestions in which the design choices express a clear vocation to the primary forms, simplicity and rationality.

A concept of “organic rationalism” full of charm and suggestions in which the design choices express a clear vocation to the primary forms, simplicity and rationality.

A minimal architecture set in the environment. The container combined with the desk is not just function but design that contributes to the perfect organization of work.

Noble materials and valuable finishes represent typical details of the artisan care Made in Italy.

The maximum simplicity. A return to fundamental reality, the essential things declined through their primary elements. Simplicity and discipline define and characterize the X8 project.

Free spaces to create solutions that combine functionality with the rationality of the design. The combination of glasstop and metal emphasizes the distinction between the different material and redefines the key features of the project.


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