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Client Support
We support our clients through expert and specialized advice to improve their productivity by adapting the work space to the company’s strategies and the needs of the people.

Client Support

The Quadrifoglio sales department is divided by geographic area and offers assistance during the entire process (from the first encounter with the company to the after-sales services) in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish. We provide commercial, technical and graphic assistance and advice for the production of large project and for the selection of products based on type and size, budget, graphic development, logistics and assembly.


We are able to provide our clients with support during the development of 2D and 3D graphic layouts with dedicated internal resources and a powerful application of 2D and 3D pCon graphic design: simple, free and able to create complex virtual environments. The development of images rendered in 2D and 3D with great visual impact, isometric and perspective views, floor plans, details and prices of each item from our office furniture, import of AUTOCAD plans and a large collection of gadgets to furnish and enhance your environments.

The entire catalogue is available for you to create and furnish your environments by implementing plans that include components from our collections.
Ask your sales representative for further information and on how to use pCon.
Find out how to design virtual spaces with our products!