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Design for Living

Quadrifoglio Group has a new way of communicating and relating with its partner, and a new way of inspiring and improving itself towards its customers. Design Stories gathers people, designers and architects from all over the world, in order to improve the experiences in the workplace environment and thus the life’s quality.

At the heart of it, the concept

We have met different people to tell the stories and the passions behind the concept of a product. Sometimes, the designer’s motivations is driven by the need of improving something, sometimes by the brilliant inspiration. Each path is unique, mysterious and artistic. Now, we are going to unveil what is hidden behind each design.


Stefano and Francesco Borella alternate their skills in the fields of architecture, fashion, products and industrial decor design. Through careful attention to details, architect Stefano and designer Francesco aim at creating almost sartorial tailor-made products, working from their creative studio at Manzano, near Udine.  

David was born in Italy, near Milan. His vision and approach to design come from a whole variety of educational and professional experiences abroad over a number of years. After finishing his studies at Milan Polytechnic in 2004, he entered the world of design as a project manager in Italy and abroad. In 2007 he opened a firm of his own. David Dolcini Studio deals primarily with industrial design, interiors and exhibit design, art direction, graphic design and communication.

Fiorenzo Dorigo was born at Treviso in 1953. He began his long, successful career in industrial design in 1975 and has been a member of ADI (Industrial Design Association) and a freelance designer since 1987. He works from his Conegliano studio, established in 1992, with Luca Garbet and a creative team to develop contract furniture and decor for public buildings, homes and offices.

Edi and Paolo Ciani have been working in Industrial Design for over 25 years, creating products and interior design projects. Since 1987 their studio at Udine has been creating and developing products for homes, offices and contract supplies, as well as outdoor furniture. Over the years they have received numerous awards for their work.

Stefano Gabriel and Piergiorgio Polloni deploy their cultural influences in product and office design. From their studio at Treviso they apply their technical and aesthetic skills to a wide creative range, from interior design to furniture for offices, contract supplies and homes.    

Born at Como in 1970, Massimiliano Mornati graduated in Architecture in Milan in 1998. After gaining experience in architects’ studios in Rotterdam, Berlin and Milan he began his activity as an industrial designer.

Moreno was born at Treviso in 1967. He graduated with honours in Architecture from the Venice IUAV. In 2000, with his partner Hangar, he founded and now directs the Hangar Lab, Design Department, aimed at exploiting the dynamics of contemporary design for companies. He is directly involved as external consultant in a number of corporate teams carrying out product research and format definition for designing display and professional areas. The perception of space and sensorial actions linked to choosing light fittings have become increasingly interesting for the profession, involving an authentic passion for new ideas in lighting design, which has undergone a epoch-making revolution with the introduction of LEDs.

Alessio Princic graduated in Architecture in Ljubljana in 1982 and then in Venice in 1985. Since 1996, he has been Teaching Assistant, then Professor at the University in Ljubljana and in 2011 he became an Associated Professor holding two teaching posts at the University of Architecture in Maribor. In 1993, he was acknowledged amongst the 40 young Italian architects under 40 and his accolades include the European Steel Design Award in Luxembourg, the Plečnik medal for Architecture in 2009 and 2012 and the international METRA award in 2010.

Roberto Righi was born in Gorizia in 1974, and graduated in Engineering at the University of Trieste in 2001. Long fascinated by the world of Architecture and Design, in 2002 he began to collaborate with Architect Alessio Princic in Udine. Together they conceive architectural and interior design projects.

Serena Papait was born in Portogruaro (Venice) in 1985, where she achieved a teacher-training diploma and began to develop her passion for art, taking part in some local collective exhibitions. In 2007 she graduated in Industrial Design at the University Institute of Architecture in Venice IUAV.