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An organized geometric inclination

Design Stories and Quadrifoglio Group show us a product developed by their Research and Development office. X3 is a functional collection characterized by conical shaped inclined legs. Roberto Cigana, group member and product manager, and Marco Gaspardo, technical office designer, speak about it. Both describe the product as characterized by clean and minimal lines. It is not an exuberant desk, but an object that adapts to environments, adding to the design, functionality, visual order and workflow of the space.

The intent was to conceive a desk of versatile design, that recalled a home environment in a revisitation of an office space. An idea, with a technical and a well-defined guide line which determined its peculiarity and character, a complete program that meets both technical and cost requirements without sacrificing the aesthetic aspect. The Italian company adapts to the challenges of an international market by studying products for every job requirement. X3 has a strong character, outlined by inclinations and many customizable options, both with the surface and legs finishes, and with the colors of the fabric of the sound absorbing panels.
Quadrifoglio Group constantly develops and studies new products such as partition walls and new technologies that improve acoustic absorption. The idea is to design the environment in its entirety, presenting a solution that integrates both its needs for efficiency and functionality and its stylistic desires. In this way, personalized products and spaces enriched with objects are able to help us work better, whilst surrounded by beauty.